Pure Arabians & Derivatives

“The Greeting” painted by Marion Duncan

Breeding Arabian horses is an art….like creating a painting:


As each stroke of the brush adds its effect to the painting, so too does the birth of each foal add its effect to a breeding program.  In both cases, you have in your mind’s eye, the ideal to be achieved and, with hope and a little luck, your hard work will be rewarded with the satisfaction of success!

Gleniph Arabians was established in 1982 and we are now nestled on 213 acres of gently rolling hills in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, 25kms from the historic township of Yass and about an hour from Canberra.


We became involved with Arabians quite simply because we fell in love with the breed.  We had agistment for my very first horse on a small Arabian stud and we were so taken with these lovely horses we wanted one or two or……..  Our Arabians have enriched our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined.


There are highs and lows…..winning East Coast Supreme with Gleniph Sovereign Mist; Homestead Park Gazelle & Gleniph Jasperanza winning Australian National Championships at the same time in different rings; East Coast Champion with Gleniph Shakabi & Australian Champion with Gleniph Sovrenity and the birth of each and every foal to the times we have had to say goodbye to treasured friends such as Rose Park Chisim, Hartley Valley Mistique, EW Antiophe and Gleniph Jasperanza.


We focus on breeding horses that come as close as possible to the ideal; horses that exhibit true Arabian type while maintaining sound conformation.  Type is paramount—we aim to breed good Arabian horses not just good horses.


We hope you enjoy the following pages……..